e5w Office Suites

These private executive office suites offer the convenience of a no hassle move in to any business owner wanting to expand their home office or owners simply wanting to be located in the East Village near the Capitol.

  • Private Executive Offices
  • 125 to 225 sf
  • Rents, utilities included, starting at $450/month
  • Short term, month to month and long term leases available
  • East Village location - walk to nearby shops and restaurants
  • Conference room with videoconferencing
  • Kitchen with full refrigerator, microwave and coffee bar
  • Lounge area with Wi-Fi for guests or break time
  • Cleaning services available
  • High speed internet available
  • Copier and shredding service available
  • Fitness room available
  • Extra storage available
  • Coffee shop and restaurant in the e5w building

The following e5w Office Suites are currently occupied:  A, D, F, G, J, K, L, M

Please contact us for more information on availabilities.